We donate £1 to chosen campaigns from some of our T-shirts!


£1 from the sale of every #MakemenopauseMatter T shirt will be donated to the camapign and this is why. When I embarked on my menopause journey, I may as well have been adrift in a popped dinghy, on a stormy sea surrounded by sharks, I had no hope, literally. I found myself thrown into the deep unknown with nowhere to turn for guidance and no one hearing me not even the professionals I saw. When I hit rock bottom, I, as many thousands of suffering menopausal women do, hit Google! It was then I was dragged from the hellish seas of hormones, my life saved when I came across The #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign 

- Kate Duffy

With the aspirational Diane Danzebrink at the helm of this remarkable and imperative campaign, I was able to educate myself with information provided on her amazing web site www.menopausesupport.co.uk. I also discovered the invaluable closed Facebook page, The Menopause Support Network, here I discovered 17.5k members all in the same dinghy!


Diane and her dedicated team are working tirelessly to raise awareness for the campaign to ensure all GPs receive essential training in menopause plus all workplaces have menopause awareness for staff.I encourage any woman or family member experiencing menopause to support the campaign! One of the aims has already been achieved with menopause being taught to KS3 school students as of September 2020!

DO NOT HESITATE! Head to the online petition NOW https://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-elizabeth-truss-mp-make-menopause-matter-in-healthcare-the-workplace-and-education-makemenopausematter and be part of making a change in history for all women! I was hooked from the start and am an avid supporter of the campaign, can you tell?! All women have the right to make informed choices regarding their menopause treatment and to make this happen there needs to be change. I am certain if we all join the campaign, we can insure better and fairer treatment not only for us, but more importantly for our daughters and our daughter’s daughters, when they hit the inevitable menopause!


PMDD and Me cic

I will donate £1 from every Persistence Beats Resistance t-shirt to PMDD & Me CIC a not-for-profit organisation working to empower advocacy in reproductive health , founded by Alice and Sarah Girling. They have an amazing website www.pmddandme.co.uk full of information and webinars to help educate you, your family, friends, doctors, partners, in fact ANYONE.   #PMDDandMEUK - Holly

What is PMDD? I hear you say. Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) is a cyclical mood disorder caused by being extra sensitive to a change in hormones, normally 1-2 weeks before your period. It is often described as severe PMS, but this does not give justice to the severity of how your quality of life can be affected. After 15 years of being treated for depression (knowing I wasn’t depressed) I was finally diagnosed with PMDD which my mum had already told me about. After two years of jumping through hoops, losing my marbles and endless amounts of tears, I am yet to find a treatment that works.


PMDD has held me back my whole life, stealing my self-worth, inner strength, the ability to make better choices and has stopped me reaching my full potential on many occasions. I am on a mission to raise awareness for this dreaded condition, that lies under the radar whilst millions of women get mis-diagnosed and experience a personality transplant monthly.

One of the most draining things about PMDD is constantly explaining what PMDD is, especially to people you have explained it too before!  PMDD & Me CIC are leading the way, setting up the first ever PMDD conference and PMDD retreats, that you can attend throughout the year, as well as working to #EndPeriodPoverty. Alice is a remarkable woman, having suffered herself for 20 plus years, she’s on the front-line raising awareness and I couldn’t think of a better corporation to support.

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The Maggie Oliver


Delilah has chosen the https://www.themaggieoliverfoundation.com/ to donate £1 from every T-shirt design sale she makes. We live in Oxford one of the first cities to be in the media highlighting the massive issue of grooming gangs in the UK. After watching the Three Girls on TV (which I personally believe should be watched by KS3 students) she was deeply shocked and appalled by the girls treatment and the miscarriage of justice. 

I’m sure you’ve all heard the name Maggie Oliver? Well, if not you are about to! She became more of a public figure when she was a housemate in the Celebrity Big Brother Year of the Woman, and much to my absolute horror was one of the first to leave! This really had a deep effect on me and I guess I knew then that not only was I wanting to do something to help such a brave inspirational woman with the campaign, but was determined to raise awareness wherever I went.

As a single Mum of three myself, I wish I had the time and resources to do more for the campaign, so educating all my children was the place I started and raising awareness of the foundation whenever possible. My daughter is 13 and is fully aware now of the very real threat of grooming gangs in the UK and the miscarriage of justice the survivors had to endure.

If donating is how Duffys Quips can aid the Foundation, all though it may not be much and wish we could do more, we’re happy with that! Now if you all head over to the foundation site page you too can join the campaign and read all about Maggies amazing work, she truly is a modern day heroine and if she doesn’t make the history books I’ll eat my hat!

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