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Meet The Gang

We are three generations of badass women within one family representing Peak Chic, Millenials and Generations Z. Our brand ethos is empowering, supporting, and inspiring women of all generations. Our witty logos are created not only to make you and others smile, but to send out a message that we feel is important to each of us.  All our T-shirts are sustainable and ethically sourced.

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Peak Chic

I’m Kate 55, and I represent the modern generation of women whom I describe as Peak Chic. Not only do we know who we are and what we like, but we also have the confidence to wear, and, more often than not, say exactly what we want! Therefore, I categorise us as the Peak Chic, and why not I ask?!


 My eldest daughter Holly 33, is a liberated millennial who recognises and practices the art of independence, shaking off any old stereotyping of women. With sexual equality being deemed as the norm, Hollys’ Tees have a cheek and ballsy-ness you’d expect of most confident women her age.

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Gen Z

The youngest member of the team is my daughter Delilah. At 16 she represents the Gen Z, freely and openly expressing and voicing themselves, raising awareness of issues of sexism, sexuality, racism, ageism and so much more that teenagers of this generation now have input on, and share on a digital platform to voice. As a very talented young artist, her T-shirts will be more visual and arty.

With the sale of some of our designated campaign support T-Shirts, a donation of £1 will be made to our chosen campaignsPMDD & ME CIC and The Maggie Oliver Foundation. Information and links to these campaigns can be found on the donation information page. 


By producing fashionable, affordable, ethical Tees we get to raise awareness on topics that are not only important to us, but  very close to our hearts. We get to work together as a family and raise money for important campaign organisations! Plus, we get to flex our creative muscles along the way. We are extremely passionate about our small new enterprise and really hope that you enjoy wearing some of our designs!

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